Glasgow Prestwick Spaceport is set to become one of the UK and Europe’s first spaceports.

The development of a spaceport at Prestwick is being led by Glasgow Prestwick Airport, an operational airport on the west coast of Scotland.

The airport is in the process of developing a business plan for the spaceport and is building a network of potential partners, suppliers and customers.

The airport commissioned a technical feasibility study, using the FAA spaceport regulations as a guideline. The results of this indicated that Glasgow Prestwick Spaceport could be operational with as little as £1million of investment.

The airport benefits from a 2,986 meter concrete base runway, coastal take offs, favourable weather conditions, excellent transport connections, easy access to world class academics in the space sector and a knowledgeable and skilled workforce.

If Glasgow Prestwick Airport is successful in securing a spaceport operator’s license, it could lead to the creation of 2,000 additional jobs and generate a further £320 million for the UK economy.

The airport also offers passenger, executive, military and cargo aviation services and it sits at the heart of a hub for aviation and aerospace companies.

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