Designing and developing surveillance solutions for partners and customers around the world.

Veracity UK Ltd designs, develops, markets and sells high-technology electronics and software systems, primarily to the aerospace, security and IT markets.  Our innovative, intelligent solutions solve real-world IP video challenges in transmission, storage and display and, for over a decade, our products and designs have been trusted and recommended by security system integrators, enterprise clients and major industry partners.  The solid foundations of our in-depth expertise and our highly-talented team enables us to work with key companies in these industries, continuously creating new opportunities and growth for ourselves and our partners.

Veracity’s general business areas include:
  • Security, networking & IT systems related to enterprise-level installations (Airports, Military Bases, Ports, Hospitals, Universities, Prisons, City Centres)
  • Security surveillance in aircraft & vehicles (mobile and covert CCTV)
  • Storage Technology – development of storage systems for security, military, manufacturing and aviation uses (for video, audio and data-logging purposes)

Veracity has a wholly-owned subsidiary based in Dallas, Texas, USA, which operates as both a sales office and logistics centre covering continental USA and Canada, the CALA sales region as well as most of APAC. In January 2017 Veracity UK Ltd acquired icomply (I-Comply Ltd), the UK’s leading software provider of integrated command and control security solutions, and whose innovative modular software solution supports a range of access control, CCTV, fire, alarm and other security equipment vendors.

With offices in the UK at Prestwick (HQ) and Leeds (I-Comply Ltd), Dallas in Texas (Veracity USA Inc) and New Delhi (icomply India), plus Veracity staff based in the Middle East, we are well-positioned to provide global coverage supported by local knowledge and experience.

Our Operations

Veracity UK Ltd moved here in 2010 with the aim to consolidate our offices into a worldwide HQ. We required spacious, safe, secure premises suitable for high-tech product design and development, and potentially some final product assembly/test and also storage/distribution.  A considerable number of positions have been created since arriving here and continue to do so.

All manufacturing and product assembly is currently sub-contracted, mostly to Scottish-based subcontract manufacturers, with related support services and suppliers sourced locally.

Activities at the Prestwick site can be divided into:

Office space – computer-based research & development plus marketing, sales and administration

Warehouse space – The warehouse area is divided up into a number of areas allowing the set-up and operation of:

  • Computer-based equipment testing
  • Final product assembly and test
  • Storage of product stock
  • Desktop electronics laboratory
  • Demonstration room
  • Service, upgrade & returns area
  • Packaging/shipping area
  • Goods In / Goods Out area

Our proximity to the end of the M77 has given us the business opportunity to schedule our international couriers for pick-ups from Prestwick at 4pm, guaranteeing delivery to businesses on the east coast of America before 1030am the following day. Were we to have chosen an office location even at the other side of Ayr or further along the coast, it is highly unlikely that we would be able to offer this beneficial customer service.

The communication links into the Prestwick site have also been ahead of their time: fibre broadband was installed here in 2013, before many other businesses in the area were able to benefit from this service – given that Veracity is dealing in the movement of high volumes of video data this was a major operational and commercial benefit.



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