Glasgow Prestwick International Airport is considered Scotland's Premier Freight Airport

Perfect Location

Glasgow Prestwick Airport is the Scotland’s premier dedicated freight airport. Located on the ‘Great Circle Route’ between North America and the Middle East, it is the first mainland airport between USA and Europe which is perfect for transatlantic freight and fuel stops.

Capable of handling all aircraft types

Glasgow Prestwick is equipped with the full range of freight handling equipment and currently services daily B747/B777 freight movements along with ad-hoc charters ranging from livestock, oil well equipment and aircraft engines to a wide array of aerospace parts. Also investments have been made towards brand new custom built equipment putting it at the forefront of the UK freight handling business.

Uncongested motorway access

Uncongested motorway access and being less than 10 minutes from the M77 is a further advantage. Glasgow Prestwick is located on the dual-carriageway A79 which connects to M77 motorway taking your cargo directly central Scotland, the north of England and beyond.

Fast and efficient turnarounds

With the benefit of the location’s lack congestion and the efficiency of our operating structure Prestwick Aviation Services are capable of delivering a very efficient turnaround of freight aircraft. In addition the airport has the ability to handle unusual and large items of out of gauge cargo.

NEQ capability

Glasgow Prestwick Airport has a NEQ (Net Explosive Quantity) of 8,000 kgs of Class 1.1.

This is one of the highest capacities in the UK outside military airfields. Consequently the airport is now the prime site for the handling and movement of this specialised commodity.

24 hour unrestricted operations

Glasgow Prestwick Airport is open 24 hours, 7 days a week, with no noise restrictions. It has unobstructed approaches over sea and countryside with low population density.

2,987 metre runway

The runway is capable of handling all commercial aircraft types.

Exceptional weather record

The area is famous for its stable and clear air microclimate with high cloud base, reliable VFR conditions and low rainfall. Set in a natural topographical bowl distant ground on all sides lifts and dries the incoming air mass which is known as the Fone effect. Fone effect creates warm clear microclimate centred on Prestwick.