Etek Europe is a leading provider of production equipment, consumables and services to the European Electronics Industry.

Etek Europe has over 1,800 customers in the aerospace, automotive, defence, medical and electronic manufacturing industries across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Furthermore, it boasts an installation base of 5,000 systems. Over its 10 year course, Etek Europe has continued to build upon its success – it is continually developing strong relationships with its customers and the world’s leading equipment suppliers. This ensures that it continues to deliver premium solutions at highly competitive prices.

Etek has one of the largest installation and service teams in Europe and has completed thousands of successful installations. Etek’s extensive team of engineers has developed invaluable and unrivalled product knowledge and experience in all aspects of planning, supply, installation, testing, commissioning, maintenance, and training, making it one of the most sought after in Europe.

Etek Europe has also invested heavily in developing a Technology Demonstration Centre in the Prestwick Aerospace Campus. This creates an environment where clients can test and evaluate some of the industry’s most advanced equipment whilst, at the same time, gaining unlimited access to Etek’s team of factory-trained engineers and product specialists.

Our Capabilities

Etek Europe’s head office operates out of Prestwick, UK with a workforce exceeding 40 supporting: Sales and Marketing, Training, Technical Support and Admin.

Our global reach covers the UK, Middle East and Eastern Europe across many divisions, namely: Manufacturing, Fume Extraction, Cleaning, Imaging, Technical Services and Production Equipment throughout Aerospace, Defence, Medical and Electronics Manufacturing industries. This is backed by our team of factory trained engineers who provide unrivalled service and support.

Being conscious that our customers’ support requirements continually change, we understand the need to offer flexible and customised solutions through applications engineers. We have a team of equipment and process specialists capable of providing 24/7 rapid-response, ‘frontline’ support and training to complement our customers’ technical personnel.

Contact Etek

Etek Technology Centre, Dow Road, Prestwick, KA9 2TU

T. +44 (0)1292 834 000


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