With a seasoned, professional management team whose experience spans over three decades, Aero Fastener has developed into an exceptional customer service and solutions-driven International Stocking Distributor.

Throughout the years, time and technology have brought exciting, new opportunities to provide greater services, efficient systems, and streamlined information management to our customers around the world.

Whether a client is a regional MRO, an international OEM, a subcontractor, an airline, or other fastener company, Aero Fastener offers world-class service and solutions that are second to none.


3PL (Third Party Logistics)

With our 3PL services, we can handle your ordering, warehousing, distribution, receiving, and quality inspections, thus vastly reducing the required transactions—and related costs—to get your aircraft fasteners on the line where you need them, across the globe, on time, and on budget. Replenishment orders are automated to help ensure you never have an empty bin or order parts that you don’t need. With a pull-based inventory system, we can help you run on a leaner inventory, turn it faster, and prevent over or under stocking of parts.

DLF Services

Direct Line Feed (DLF) Solutions from Aero Fastener offer you superior bin management ensuring the parts arrive line-side when and where you need them. Our DLF services help you void the unnecessary cost involved in employees searching the stockroom for parts or the disastrous effects to the bottom line when the part they are looking for is out of stock and brings work to a standstill.


Kitting solutions from Aero Fastener offer maximized efficiency on your production line with all the parts and pieces needed for any particular job organized and packaged together as a set. Aero Fastener will work with your business to create custom kitting solutions with custom-tailored packaging to suit your specific needs.

Inventory Management System

Efficient, organized inventory management can have a major impact on the bottom line of your aerospace business. When building or repairing aircraft, it is essential to have the tools you need at the fingertips of your workers right when they need them.  Yet, the costs involved in ordering and warehousing excess materials can be enormous.  An inventory management system from Aero Fastener can help you ensure you have the right quantity of parts in the right place without over ordering.

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