Glasgow Prestwick Airport is set to become the UK's first horizontal Spaceport.

The development of a spaceport at Prestwick is being led by Glasgow Prestwick Airport, an operational airport on the west coast of Scotland.

The airport has been working hard with partners over the last 18 months and is continuing its efforts to make horizontal space launch from Glasgow Prestwick Spaceport a reality.

The UK Space Agency is establishing a £2m fund to help the three horizontal sites develop the market, and Glasgow Prestwick Airport is now making plans to move towards a licence application.

The airport benefits from a 2,986 meter concrete base runway, coastal take offs, favourable weather conditions, excellent transport connections, easy access to world class academics in the space sector and a knowledgeable and skilled workforce.

If Glasgow Prestwick Airport is successful in securing a spaceport operator’s license, establishment of a spaceport in the area could lead to the creation of 2,000 additional jobs and generate a further £320 million for the UK economy from spaceport operations alone. The airport also offers passenger, executive, military and cargo aviation services and it sits at the heart of a hub for aviation and aerospace companies.

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