Prestwick Spaceport has the potential to become one of Europe’s leading spaceports.

The development of space launch services at Prestwick is being led by South Ayrshire Council with assistance from Glasgow Prestwick Airport, an operational airport on the west coast of Scotland.

Prestwick offers a unique combination of attributes: latitude; over sea take off; meteorological conditions; and the strong cluster of innovative aerospace companies – including Spirit AeroSystems, GE Caledonian, Collins Aerospace and BAE Systems – located at Prestwick Aerospace adjacent to Glasgow Prestwick Airport.

It is anticipated the spaceport investment will position Scotland as a key player in the increasingly competitive global space race.

For more information on Prestwick Spaceport, please watch our series of short videos below:

Episode 2 – Commercial Director of Glasgow Prestwick Airport Zoe Kilpatrick explains the significance of the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding with launch partner Astraius and the opportunities this will bring to South Ayrshire beyond launch.

Episode 3 – Kevin Seymour, CEO of our launch partner company Astraius, explains why they chose Prestwick as their UK base and the horizontal launch technology that will be used to send launch vehicles into orbit.